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How to register?
You can browse the website without registration. But if you wish to buy and sell your Kids products you need to create an account on Oyekidz.

How to find products on Oyekidz.
You can browse our products categories, sub categories and listings or if you need anythign specific you can search by putting product name.

How to sell product?
By just click on "Post an Ad" button. Or create your account on Oyekidz and simple post your listing, add photos and give a breif about your product. And if you have your account on Oyekidz then just click on login and sell your product.

How long my ad will be active?
By default your ad will be active for 3 weeks, but if you want you can remove your ad anytime.

How to remove my ad?
You can simple log in to your account and click on remove

How to share ad on Facebook,Twitter and Google plus?
Once you have the ad open, There is a column called ?Share this ad?. Below that, is a list of places you can click on to share your ad on Facebook, Twitter, and Google plus.